Other Coaching Candidates For Team Canada

Harry Sinden might have been the obvious choice for coach of Team Canada. He was the highest profile NHL coach who at the time did not have a job. He was readily available unlike the other top coaching candidates.

However according to Roy MacSkimming's book Cold War, he wasn't high on Alan Eagleson's list.

Despite letting his deep interest in the job be known via the media, Eagleson never contacted Sinden. It wasn't until the two met to discuss Bobby Orr's hockey camp that the subject came up. According to the book "Eagleson said he'd been meaning to call, but just hadn't got around to it."

Hardly a ringing endorsement.

Ultimately Eagleson left the coach and general manager position open until June 1972, less than three months away from the tournament. He was running out of time, and offered both jobs to Sinden, reportedly at compensatory fee of $15,000.

The book also suggests media reports speculated that Sinden along with Emile Francis, Milt Schmidt, Jean Beliveau and Gordie Howe were all considered for the job. 

The latter two names seem like unlikely candidates. As Brian Burke would say, they are "media induced rumours designed to sell newspapers."