Beddoes Makes His Prediction Into Tasty Borscht

Dick Beddoes, the famed columnist from the Globe and Mail newspaper, was forced to eat his words literally after the Soviets shocked Canada in game one of the Summit Series.

Like nearly everybody else, Beddoes had predicted a Canadian victory in game one. In fact he was so confident in his prediction that he wrote: “So make it Canada, 8 games to 0. If the Russians win one game, I will eat this column shredded at high noon in a bowl of borscht on the front steps of the Russian Embassy.”

Needless to say his words came back to haunt him  The Soviets won convincingly.

Beddoes, to his credit, was true to his word. He appeared at the Soviet Consulate in Toronto and proceeded to chow down. He was accompanied by a photographer from the Globe and Mail, and a Russian journalist. Other reports say at least two Soviet players witnessed the feeding.

In his column following the demoralizing loss Beddoes was sure to watch his words. He summed up the mood of the country nicely.

“Canadian back bacon has gone rancid on the hogs. All the maple sugar has vanished down the trees to become bitter-root… The Rocky Mountains are mere pebbles beside the towering Urals. The Northern Lights are dimmer than a mole’s boudoir in a Siberian salt mine at midnight … Canada’s dish is crow.”