1972 Summit Series 
Bobble Heads

Yes, the Bobble Heads craze has even struck the 1972 Summit Series.

2000 sets of 1972 Summit Series Bobble Heads have been  created by Global Promotions specifically for the 30th anniversary of the Summit Series.

Ten players were honoured with the Bobble Head enshrinement: Bobby Clarke, Yvan Cournoyer, Ken Dryden, Phil Esposito, Paul Henderson, Dennis Hull, Frank Mahovlich, Peter Mahovlich, Brad Park, and Serge Savard. Here is a close up picture of the front and back of the Phil Esposito Bobble Head.

How much are these worth? They will be sold at Canadian Tire and specialty stores beginning on Sept. 17, 2002. They have already been for sale at the Canadian National Exhibition for the price of $19.72 (Cdn). 

For those outside of Canada these hot collectibles will undoubtedly be on Ebay very quickly after they are officially released for commercial sale. CHF Sports is selling them online.

Wholesale enquires can be made to Grosnor Sportscards Inc.

Soviet Bobbleheads Coming In Autumn 2003

Details are still sketchy, but it appears that the  autumn of 2003 will feature "Bolvanchik: First Edition Soviet Series" bobblehead dolls. The bobbles will measure 7.5" tall and are individually hand painted. The first legends to be so honoured will be Vladislav Tretiak, Viacheslav Fetisov, Sergei Makarov and Viktor Tikhonov. Photos courtesy of http://www.russianjerseys.com/