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1972 Summit is revamping the book review section of its website. On a weekly basis I hope to give a full review of a classic or new hockey book. Special emphasis will be placed on books about the 1972 Summit Series and international hockey, but other hockey books will be reviewed as well. Thru our affiliation with, I hope to offer the lowest prices for these books, and in Canadian dollars - cheaper for Canadian, American and international buyers!

Here's the books I've reviewed so far:

Title   Author(s)   Rating Link  
Team Canada: Where Are They Now?   McFarlane   3/5   Team Canada: Where are they now?  
The Red Machine   Martin   5/5   Out of Print  
Shadrin has scored for Russia   Sylvester   3/5   Out of Print  
Tretiak   Tretiak   3/5   Out of Print  
The Days Canada Stood Still   Morrison   3/5   Out of Print  
Face-off at the Summit   Dryden with Mulvoy    5/5   Out of Print  
Hockey Showdown   Sinden    5/5   Out of Print  
Kings of the Ice   Podnieks, et al    5/5   Kings of the Ice  
Cold War   MacSkimming   4.5/5   Cold War  
The Riddle Of The Russian Rocket   Banks   4/5   The Riddle of the Russian Rocket  
The Game I'll Never Forget   McDonell   4/5   The Game I'll Never Forget  
War On Ice   Young   3.5/5   Out of Print  
The Greatest Goal   Leonetti   3.5/5   The Greatest Goal  
Canada: Our History   Archbold   3/5   Canada: Our History  

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