Book Review - Kings Of The Ice

coverIf you are a true fan of the all time hockey greats, Kings of the Ice is THE must have hockey book in your collection. A host of writers headed by Andrew Podnieks, Dennis Gibbons and Tom Ratschunas compiled this beautifully designed compendium of over 1000 pages of biographies, photos and statistics of the most influential hockey players and figures in the history of the game, whether they be professional, amateur or international. Modern generations have a chance to read about their favorite stars such as Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman and Roy, but past stars such as Howe, Orr, Richard and Morenz.

Most of the NHL's big names are included, but so are many of the European stars including many who have never been profiled in North America before. Salming, Tretiak and Jagr are there, but so are the pioneer likes of Josef Malecek, Nikolai Sologubov and Ladislav Trojak. These in depth European profiles offer a great history of the game outside of North America.

This book breaks down chapters into significant eras, and recognizes 1972 Summit Series importance with an entire chapter. Most of the players from the Series are profiled in great depth.

This book also comes with a demo cd-rom that acts as a virtual hockey museum. The full Kings of the Ice CD-Rom is available for an additional $30 Cdn

The only knock on the book is the price. It retails for about $80, but Kings of the Ice can be bought at for under $55 Cdn. This book is one of the most amazing hockey books ever compiled. It is a must have for the true hockey fan. I highly recommend it, even at the high price


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