Book Review - Pavel Bure:
The Riddle of the Russian Rocket
By Kerry Banks


Pavel Bure is truly an international man of mystery. 

On the ice he had the rare ability not only fill fans into stadium seats, but lift them out of those same seats on any given play. His explosive speed and startling creativity made him one of the game's most exciting players. Moreover, he delivered, becoming one of the game's few game breakers.

On the other hand there was always a mysterious intrigue about him. He was drafted under controversial pretences, surfaced in North America unexpectedly, constantly linked in tabloid-like controversies ranging from romances to mob connections, his sudden turning on his father and the Vancouver Canucks... the stories go on and on.

Kerry Banks does a good job of building the case of Bure's idiosyncrasies, perhaps too good. Banks almost seems to be deliberately building a one sided look at the controversies that the public has bought into. Banks doesn't have a lot of choice, since very few people who really know the truth about the closely guarded Bure would talk to him. 


Despite that, this book is a very good read. It gives you a good look into the Russian Rocket, the Vancouver Canucks, and the crumbling of the Soviet hockey empire.

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