The Canadian Jersey Controversy

I found this interesting article by Jim Taylor of the Vancouver Sun (1972).

Its a column where he's talking about hockey/summit series controversy. He starts out with Foster Hewitt's inability to pronounce Cournoyer, moves to Clarence Campbell's comments about Dennis Hull without mentioning Bobby Hull, and then moves on to the sweater controversy...

"The matter of the sweaters is most intriguing

When the Canada-Russia series first got past the talking stage we received a picture of Sinden and a couple of other guys holding up the official team sweater, which was designed to make Canadians throw up. On the back, it said Hockey Canada. On one sleeve was the NHL crest, on the other other the NHL Players' Association crest."

"A certain amount of heat was raised in the media over the NHL crest for a national team and the free ad for the superfluous Hockey Canada. Nothing official was ever said, but suddenly the offending sweaters are gone - replaced by something so darling you half expect the players to fly in from the second balcony and land on tip-toe."