August 23, 2006

CBC Mini Series Canada Russia '72 
Out On DVD October 3, 2006

The excellent CBC mini-series Canada Russia 72 that made its world premiere in April will debut on DVD on October 3rd, 2006. has officially listed Canada - Russia '72 with that release date, confirming all speculation.

Few details about the DVD and extras are officially available, however below lie some archived news stories which hint at what likely will be added to the original movie.

June 26, 2006

DVD by Christmas 2006?

While under the impression that it is likely, Katz says he is too distant from such matters to be able confirm that the movie's DVD release will be in time for Christmas 2006.

Barrie Dunn, the show's producer and head writer, has been unavailable for comment. In April he told 1972 Summit "We are hoping to release the DVD before Christmas (2006) but we may not be able to release it until a year from now (April 2007) because of contractual reasons." 

April, 2006

CBC Mini Series Canada Russia '72 
Coming to DVD....but when?

Now that excellent CBC mini-series Canada Russia 72 has made its world premiere on television, the focus of the fans' desires now turn to the DVD release. 

What will it include? What will it cost? Where can we get it? And most importantly...when can we get it?

1972 Summit is devoted to finding out these answers. Unfortunately, there appears to be firm firm answers to find at this stage. Here's what I've learned:

Shortly after the mini-series first aired, Judah Katz, who portrayed Alan Eagleson, suggested to me the DVD could be released "within a month or two," which isn't unheard of with CBC television specials.

However Barrie Dunn, producer and head writer of the show, and therefore I'm guessing is also more closely connected with such issues as DVD release, told me the following:

"We are hoping to release the DVD before Christmas (2006) but we may not be able to release it until a year from now (April 2007) because of contractual reasons."

Dunn says the DVD version will feature an additional 15 minutes of storyline that was not originally aired, and will also be uncensored. Katz hopes the scene where Eagleson is a guest on Front Page Challenge makes the DVD version.

As for extras, Dunn lets the following secrets out of the bag.

"It will have several great features including a bloopers reel, a "making of" feature, a look at the acting and skating auditions, deleted scenes, commentary tracks, a photo gallery and a couple of other surprises."

The success of the DVD sales will go a long way to deciding this film's profitability. The CBC granted the film crew a medium to high-end CBC budget of $7.8 million. However CBC ratings may have been lower than expected. suggested: 

Meanwhile, the 2 x 120 CBC miniseries Canada Russia `72 drew an average of 814,000 on April 9 and 771,000 on April 10, likely falling short of expectations and CBC TV head Richard Stursberg's goal of one million or more viewers for every CBC dramatic program. The Sunday broadcast ended with a peak of 883,000 viewers, and Monday finished with 906,000, leading into a CBC National that drew 931,000 - one of its highest ratings this year.'s Jam Television suggested these numbers were strong enough for the CBC to meet its guarantees with sponsors and advertisers.

Dunn however admits DVD sales need to be strong:

"We certainly hope the DVD does well and we think it has great sales potential in territories such as Russia, Sweden and other Scandinavian and European hockey playing countries, Asia, particularly Japan and specific regional markets in the USA."