Canadians in the 
IIHF Hall of Fame

Most Canadian hockey fans probably didn't even know of the IIHF Hall of Fame. It wasn't formed until 1997, and doesn't yet have a home where exhibits honor the inductees. And most hockey fans today haven't even heard of more than 3 or 4 of Canada's inclusions in the IIHF Hall of Fame. 

There are 18 Canadian honourees. They are grouped by year of induction:

1997 - Father David Bauer, Bob Lebel, Vic Lindquist, Seth Martin, Harry Sinden

1998 - Bill Hewitt, Marshall Johnston, Terry O'Malley, Harry Watson

1999 - Roger Bourbonnais, Derek Holmes, Fran Huck, Jack McLeod, Barry McKenzie

2000 - Wayne Gretzky

2001 - Dave King

2002 - Gordon Renwick

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