Mike Cannon

Mike Cannon was the other "unknown" member of the exclusive Team Five - an inner circle of Team Canada management which included coaches Harry Sinden and John Ferguson, organizer Alan Eagleson and fellow Eagleson worker Bobby Haggert. The 5 essentially shut out Hockey Canada from practically all involvement.

Cannon's job was legal in nature. He was kept busy handling all the visa problems the Canadians naturally encountered as they travelled to Sweden, the Soviet Union, and the former Czechoslovakia. He also aided players whenever they encountered non-hockey problems.

Cannon was seen in game 8. When Team Canada had to rescue Alan Eagleson from the Russian policemen, he, like most of the players and others at the Team Canada bench/dressing room, jumped onto the ice. He is seen behind Eagleson as Eagleson walks across the ice and shakes his fist at the crowd.