Alan Eagleson

Alan Eagleson is now as infamous as he once was famous, but he does deserve credit for his role in the 1972 Summit Series. However he doesn't deserve as much credit as he once told anyone who would listen. He was the master of self promotion, and was always far more visible than the other Canadian organizers.

Eagleson was able to bring the NHL players to the table, and probably did play a serious role in convincing NHL owners to allow the players to play in this non-NHL event.

In respect to the others who helped organize the 1972 Summit Series behind the scenes, we will dedicate this space to acknowledge them:

Joe Kryczka (president of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association), Charlie Hay (chairman of Hockey Canada), Doug Fisher (board member of Hockey Canada) Lou Lefaive (Hockey Canada), Allan Scott (business manager of Hockey Canada), Gordon Juckes (Canadian Amateur Hockey Association), Aggie Kukulowicz (Russian speaking Winnipeger who ran Air Canada's office in Moscow who, as a former pro hockey player, was able to make many friends in various hockey federations) and Robert Ford (Canadian Ambassador in Moscow).

Alan Eagleson Interview Following Victory - CBC Radio (1:39)


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