1972 Summit Series.com's Guide To

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Many of the items above have been featured on Ebay. However searching for items on ebay.ca can be tricky. For example searching for "1972 Summit Series" lands very few results. However searching for "1972 Canada" or 1972 "Russia" is much more rewarding.

Here are some tips for searching on ebay.ca, and some direct links. All searches are in the "Sports" category of ebay.ca:

"1972 Canada"
"1972 Russia"
"Canada Russia"
"1972 Summit"
"Paul Henderson"

Note - searching for "Henderson" will land you a lot of off-topic results. Unless you are also looking for Rickey Henderson or other Henderson material, be sure to include the name Paul!

Looking for specific Russian players can be tricky because the older players are commonly misspelled. It is best to do a search for Soviet Hockey or Russia(n) Hockey, or some other variation, and then sift through the findings.

Team Canada generates lots of results, but mostly modern day materials such as from the Olympics.

One last trick - many ebay.ca sellers are mass sports collectible sellers and often don't know all the subtleties of hockey or the 1972 Summit Series. It is often referred to as the 1972 Canada Cup. Searching for Canada Cup will mostly find interesting Canada Cup materials, but 1972 items are always found there too.