Family Relations

Hockey has always been a family game. With that in mind, let's look at family relations of those who  participated in the 1972 Summit Series. Players who participated in the Series are in bold.

Phil Esposito
and Tony Esposito are brothers.
Frank Mahovlich and Peter Mahovlich are brothers
Dennis Hull is the brother of Bobby Hull, and is Brett Hull's uncle.
Marcel Dionne's brother Gilbert Dionne played in the NHL
Rod Seiling is the brother of NHLer Ric Seiling
Mickey Redmond is the brother of NHLer Dick Redmond
Phil Esposito is the father-in-law of Alexander Selivanov 

Valeri Kharlamov is the father of Alexander Kharlamov - a 1994 NHL 1st round pick by Washington but never played in NHL.
Alexandre Volchkov's son Alexandre Volchkov was drafted in the first round of the 1996 Entry Draft, again by Washington.
Alexander Martinyuk is the father of Swiss born Denis Martinyuk, who was drafted by Vancouver but never played in the NHL
Viacheslav Anisin is the father of world champion ice skater Marina Anissina (who skates for France with Gwendal Peizerat)
Valeri Vasiliev is the father-in-law of Alexei Zhamnov.

Jaroslav Holik
and Jiri Holik were brothers. Jaroslav is NHLer Bobby Holik's father.
Jiri Bubla is the father of NHLer Jiri Slegr

Borje Salming's
brother Stig was a long time player in Sweden

German referee Joseph Kompalla is the father-in-law of Canadian born German hockey star Benoit Doucet.