Mahovlich Had Trouble Against Soviets

The Big M's lumbering style placed him at a disadvantage
against the speedy Soviets. But Frank Mahovlich was a winner from his many days in Toronto and helped teach this team how to win as well. 

Mahovlich's only goal was an extremely important insurance goal in game 2, coming just 2 minutes after his brother scored in spectacular fashion to give Canada the lead.

Mahovlich was portrayed in the media as being one of the most paranoid Canadians in Moscow during the series. There were stories about how he was spooked to see military men with machine guns as he initially got off of the airplane. When he got to his hotel room he supposedly ripped the room apart searching for bugs. There was even one story - which seems to get bigger and crazier with every year that passes - about how some of the players found some screws in the floor and began unscrewing them as they were certain they had found a KGB bug. It turned out, as the story goes, to be a chandelier in a large room on the floor below.

Despite being tagged as the paranoid guy on the team, Frank Mahovlich insists he was no more uneasy than anyone else on the team and that these media reports back home were absurd and over exaggerated. 

The only reports that he conceded was true was the mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night that would wake up the players, and oddities concerning the food the Canadians had brought from home.

"Our steaks were supposed to be one-inch thick, but when they got there, they had been cut so they were only half an inch thick," Frank Mahovlich said. "We all complained, so the next time they were all an inch thick but they'd been sliced in half the other way."

1972 Summit Player Profile
 Team Canada
 #27 - Frank Mahovlich - Left Wing

Position: LW
Shoots: Left
Height: 6-0
Weight: 205
Born: 1/10/1938 Timmins, Ontario
1972 NHL Team: Montreal Canadiens

Summit Series Statistics

6 1 1 2 0 19 29 -2

Other Team Canada Appearances

In 1974, the WHA held a copycat tournament with the Soviets. Mahovlich, by then a member of the WHA Toronto Toros, Mahovlich returned and put up an identical single goal and single assist in six games.

NHL Career Notes - Mahovlich ranks as one of the greatest NHL power forwards of all time. His Hall of Fame career included 9 All Star Teams and 6 Stanley Cups.

Career NHL Statistics
Regular Season 1181 533 570 1103 1056
NHL Playoffs  137 51 67 118 163


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