Guevremont never quit on Team Canada 1972

Jocelyn Guevremont was a highly touted 21 year old hockey 
player when he got invited to Team Canada '72. There was a
little known rule thateach of the three Canadian NHL teams 
at the time had to be represented by two players. There 
wasn't much of a problem selecting worthy players from 
Toronto and certainly Montreal. But the Vancouver Canucks
were just a young expansion franchise with no real star
players. As a result, highly regarded Dale Tallon and 
Jocelyn Guevremont got the nod to play for Team Canada!
Guevremont, the 3rd overall selection in 1971,had just 
come off of an impressive NHL rookie debut with 13 goals 
and 51 points playing as a defenseman. But Team 
Canada's defense was stacked even with the injury 
problems, and once the series proved to be closer than any
Canadian had predicted, Guevremont was told he wouldn't 
get a chance to play in the series. 
In fact, in Brian McFarlane's book Team Canada 1972: 
Where Are They Now? Guevremont claims that the 
coaching staff told him that they did not really want him 
for the team, and that he should just enjoy his time on 
the team.
Guevremont did enjoy his time though. He was able to learn
 a lot just by practicing with some of the NHL's greatest 
defensemen, and he credits that experience for making him 
a better player.

Guevremont was one of four players to leave Team Canada 
early. Gilbert Perreault and Rick Martin, both members of 
the Buffalo Sabres, were pressured by their NHL bosses to 
come home since they weren't playing. Vic Hadfield
also left. He was unhappy that he wasn't getting to play 
and he was anxious to get back to New York, where he had 
just signed a big deal with the Rangers.
Guevremont came back early for different reasons. His wife,
 who accompanied Jocelyn on the trip to Moscow, fell sick 
and hadn't eaten for days. Team doctors weren't able to help
her, so they returned to Canada so that she could be 
properly treated.
1972 Summit Player Profile
 Team Canada
 #37 - Jocelyn Guevremont - Defense

Position: D
Shoots: Right
Height: 6-2
Weight: 200
Born: 3/1/1951 Montreal, Quebec
1972 NHL Team: Vancouver Canucks

Summit Series Statistics

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Other Team Canada Appearances - None

NHL Career Notes - A skilled puck handler, Guevremont was a nice NHL player with the Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabres during the 1970s. He rounded out his career with the New York Rangers.

Career NHL Statistics
Regular Season 571 84 223 307 319
NHL Playoffs  40 4 17 21 18


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