1972 Summit Series Hockey Cards

Keith Lenn, one of the leading hockey collectors online, has provided 1972 Summit Series.com with some excellent coverage about hockey cards devoted to the 1972 Summit Series.

Danny Hamill claims to have the largest collection of Team Canada and 1972 hockey cards, and I believe him. His collection, notably the rarest items, is featured here.

Now, as for hockey cards dedicated to the 1972 Summit Series.

There are three sets dedicated to the Showdown of the Century.

1972-1973 OPC Team Canada

1991-92 Future Trends Canada 72

But as Keith tells us the most valuable hockey cards are the 1991-92 Future Trends Canada 72 Promo cards

1997-98 Pinnacle Certified Summit Silver

Keith provides us with background information, sample photos, and of course, current card values!

Danny Hamill claims to "have, in all likelihood, the biggest collection of Team Canada hockey cards and postcards anywhere to be found." And he's probably right. He has produced several sets of 1972 cards that I previously had no idea existed.

For example, he has an extremely rare 6 card promo set (4 pictured) that he believe was used to promote the tournament prior to September 1972. There's a couple interesting things about this set. 1. It features Bob Nevin and Norm Ullman as part of the team, although neither was part of the team even in training camp. Paul Henderson, Ron Ellis, Brad Park and Yvon Cournoyer are also featured. 2. The jerseys. These jerseys, featuring collars and different logos, were nothing like the jerseys used in the series.

He also has updated me with two new releases in 2004-05 and 2005-06.

Dan Pavic pointed out that there is a less known but much more interactive 1972 Summit Series hockey card - the Paul Henderson talking card.