1972 Summit Series 
Spanning the Globe

Phil and Tony Esposito would be proud. The legend of the 1972 Summit Series, the historic hockey showdown that they were such a prominent figures in, has crossed borders.

No longer is the Summit Series an over-romanticized piece of Canadiana with a strong following of passion in the former Soviet Union. No longer is it a footnote in Swedish and Czech hockey circles.

Now the Summit Series is being embraced by Italian hockey fans.

Super-fan Stefano Quaino didn't even follow hockey until the 2002 Olympic games. He became hooked while watching that great international tournament, and began searching for anything he could find on hockey, particularly Russian hockey and major international events.

Needless to say he quickly discovered the 1972 Summit Series. Quaino has absorbed anything and everything he could about hockey and the Summit Series to the point that is not only safe to assume that he is Italy's leading expert on the series, but one of the world's.

Quaino is writing several articles on the Summit Series in Italian. 1972 Summit Series.com is proud to promote Quaino's writings, and spread the gospel of 1972.

Le sfide Canada-URSS (Italian)

It is tough enough trying to keep up with coverage in Canada never mind the globe. But 1972 Summit Series.com is also aware the Series is being taught to Irish fans. The Belfast Giants professional hockey team was granted permission from 1972 Summit Series.com to use information from this site for their remembrance ceremonies, although we have never been able to find out what they decided to do, if anything, to celebrate the anniversary.

And while the 1972 Summit Series gets little mention in the United States, expect CNNSI.com and USA Today.com to do features before the end of September 2002.