The 1972 Summit Series
A 4 Part Series by Bruce Kish
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1972 Summit is ecstatic about the inclusion of Bruce Kish's 4 part series entitled The 1972 Summit Series. It is a simply fascinating recollection of the series. You will not find a better write up about the Summit Series online.

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Author's Note: "Where were you in 1972?" To Canadians precisely 25 years later as of this writing (editor's note: this piece originally was published in 1997), this question conjures up memories of an event that left its stamp on the national psyche. The "event," of course, is the famed 27-day Summit Series in September 1972 between Team Canada and the Soviets. With the Cold War as a dramatic backdrop, Canadians viewed the unfolding struggle not as a number of "friendly matches," as the games were officially billed, but as a war to defend their cultural identity.

Hockey historians often date the beginning of the professional hockey’s "Modern Era" to 1967-68. This was the year the NHL doubled from six to 12 teams, the year the two-goalie system was formally embraced, and the year that jets replaced trains as the preferred way to travel for road games.

I contend, however, that modern professional hockey's watershed, or defining year, was 1972 because the Summit Series introduced to North Americans to new hockey philosophies that will be discussed later on.

After beginning research for this topic, I realized that the story was too detailed to cover in one article, the following is the first of four instalments. Anything shorter would not have done justice to this subject.

To give credit where it is due, my resources for this series include...

"Cold War" by Roy Macskimming
"Hockey!" by Stan Fischler
"The NHL's 75th Anniversary Commemorative Book"
"It Happened in Hockey" by Brian MacFarlane
"Hockey Hall of Fame Legends"
The Toronto Sun

Of these, Macskimming's book is perhaps "the" definitive account and I highly recommend his work both for its content and pleasant reading style.

1972 Summit Series
A 4 Part Series by Bruce Kish
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Part 2 - The Clash Of The Titans
         -  Game 1 - Ambushed
         -  Game 2 - Riposte
         -  Game 3 - Stalemate
         -  Game 4 - The Pendulum Swings
Fortunes of War

Part 3 - Fifty Against The World
         -  Game 5 - Nadir
         -  Game 6 - The Road Back
Game 7 - Holding On