Other International Stars
Bohumil Modry

Bohumil Modry was an early goaltender for Czechoslovakia and LTC Prague, (and briefly played with Stadion Prague) from 1936 through 1950. 

Described as a natural born leader, he is two time world champion (1947 and 1949), and six time Czechoslovakia champ. During his playing days he was known as the best
goalie in Europe, and a legend in Czechoslovakia - so much so that when the communists took over they were looking to make examples of people of higher social classes to intimidate the general population and as a result Modry was imprisoned for 15 years, though released at age 39. 

Modry became known in Canada after the 1948
Olympics when he shutout Canada in a scoreless tie. He also helped to build the game, serving as role model for future goalies and publishing his goaltending philosophies in Czech magazines.

The Czechs have generally been one of the strongest European countries in terms of goaltending. Legends such as Holecek, Dzurilla and Hasek all benefited from the contributions to goaltending by Bohumil Modry.