Other International Stars
Nikolai Sologubov

Aside from Viacheslav Fetisov, Nikolai Sologubov is often considered the best defenseman in Soviet hockey history. Because of the many changes in the eras the two defenders played in, who is better becomes sort of a generational debate much like Bobby Orr and Eddie Shore in the NHL.

A former bandy star, Sologubov nearly never played as he was severely injured in combat in WWII. He betrayed doctor's orders and worked his way back to become one of the all time greats.

Bobby Bauer, coach of the Canadian Olympic team in 1956, said he was good enough to play on any NHL team at that time.

Seve Bobrov, who, as the top Soviet scorer of the era, often duelled with Sologubov, said Sologubov gave him more trouble than any player including the Canadians. Said Bobrov "I could be happy if I scored just a single goal in a game" against him in an era when Bobrov often scored several.

Sologubov's resume includes the 1956 Olympic gold, the 1963 world championship gold and nine USSR championships. Three times he was named as the top defenseman at the Olympics and/or world championships.

Sologubov, a long time captain of both the Red Army and Team USSR, scored 132 goals in 350 games (only bettered by Fetisov in a more offensive era for defensemen)