Trading Pins
for panty hose

If you ever go to an international sporting competition such as the Olympics or Soccer's World Cup, the collecting and trading of pins, buttons and pendants is one of the great past-times of fans.
Kids in Europe were willing to trade away their life long collections to Canadian hockey players and the 3000 fans who accompanied them. In many cases the Canadians didn't have pins to trade in return, but the kids would gladly trade for something as simple chewing gum, or pens.
In a 1972 Vancouver Sun column, Jim Taylor wrote about a 12 year old kid from Moscow who had "a set of about every imaginable pin" and he was ready to trade everything. Canadian forward Bobby Clarke became entranced by the collection and simply had to have the set. The two entered into negotiations.
On the way back to the hotel, Clarke was seen admiring his new collection of various pins. One fellow asked him what he had to give up in order to get all those pins.
"Panty hose" replied Clarke.
Now there is a chance that Clarke was telling the man a ruse, and that Taylor, as reputable a journalist as there ever has been, just thought the story was too funny to not publish.
But there is also a chance that the story is true. Which makes one wonder where Bobby Clarke got the panty hose from?!
(Note: Canadian players were accompanied by family members on the trip to Moscow - usually wives and girlfriends).