1997-98 Pinnacle Certified Summit Silver Hockey Cards

Background Information:  

  • 1997-98 Pinnacle Certified Summit Silver
  • Found in 1997-98 Pinnacle Certified packs at a rate of 1:29
  • Commemorates Paul Henderson's Summit Series-winning goal against the Russians in 1972
  • 5-card set which features color action renditions of Henderson by an artist named Daniel Parry
  • Cards are printed on mirrored Mylar
  • Only 1,000 of each card was produced and they are sequentially numbered
Values: Cards 1 through 5:  $10.00 mint/$4.50 near-mint (US funds)
There are three autographed cards as well - "Black," "Silver," and "Gold." 
  • 700 "Black" Autographs produced; $60 mint/$27.00 near-mint
  • 200 "Silver" Autographs produced; $120 mint/$55 near-mint
  • 100 "Gold" Autographs produced; $250 mint/$110 near-mint

Danny Hamill was kind enough to provide the following images of the Pinnacle set, although the scan probably does not do it justice.

Note the autograph. Cards come with gold, silver or black autographs, to create a unique variation. Hamill adds that there is an extremely rare red autograph as well, and he has only seen one in his extensive search.