1972 Summit Series 
Post Cards and Stamps

Dan Pavic provides 1972 Summit Series.com with images of two beautiful 1972 Summit Series post cards.

The first is from the 1972 Summit Series

This next photo is of the especially beautiful 1974 Summit Series postcard:

Danny Hamill provided images of the French versions:

We are still trying to confirm who the artists are, but they were both issued by the Scotia Bank in Canada.

Interestingly, the back of these cards came pre-addressed to the Palace of Sport in Moscow. These cards may have been created with the purpose of sending support to Team Canada while they were overseas. Click here to see the back of these two post cards

Many of these cards were sent to the players. As a result, harder to find unmarked cards are worth more, although there is no real value guide for an item like this.

And of course you can't send a post card without a stamp. Keith Lenn provides us with photos of the 1997 commemorative Canadian stamp entitled "The Series of the Century"

Apparently there are other and extremely rare variations of this stamp. Collector Danny Hamill boasts a promo sheet - first day issue on an envelope - in his extensive collection.

A $5 phone card was also issued at that time

Designed by Alain Leduc and Illustrated by Charles Vinh, the stamp features Denis Brodeur's famous photograph of Paul Henderson jumping into Yvan Cournoyer's arms. Computer graphics were done by Pierre Rousseau.

The Royal Canadian Mint packaged a unique coin which was packaged with stamps in a special edition commemorative folder, and sold for $29.95 back in 1997.