Re-enacting the 1972 Summit Series
Who will be the hero in 2002?

"Dennis Hull Has Scored For Canada!"
Game 8 - Canada 3 - Soviet Union 1
Canada wins replay series 4-3-1

MOSCOW – Six weeks ago, Dennis Hull had tossed aside his invitation from Hockey Canada to try out for the team as a protest because brother Bobby was excluded.  Tonight, both he and millions of fellow Canadians are glad he had a change of heart.

Hull’s two third-period goals, including the game winner, have made him a hero across the nation as Team Canada came from behind to win 3-1.. Full Story

Re-Enactment Game Results
Game 8 - Canada 3 - Soviet Union 1
Game 7 - Soviet Union 4 - Canada 3

Game 6 - Canada 5 - Soviet Union 3
Game 5 - Soviet Union 7 - Canada 3
Game 4 - Canada 4 - Soviet Union 3
Game 3 - Soviet Union 4 - Canada 4
Game 2 - Canada 4 - Soviet Union 1
Game 1 - Soviet Union 6 - Canada 4 

Canada Wins Replay Series 4-3-1
    Re-enactment Scoring Leaders
Aleksandr Yakushev 5 5 10
Vladimir Petrov 3 7 10
Vladimir Shadrin 3 6 9
Bobby Clarke 0 9 9
Phil Esposito 7 1 8
Dennis Hull 5 3 8
Paul Henderson 6 1 7
Exhibition Game Results:
Canada "Red" 6 - Canada "White" 2
Soviet Union 4 - 1972 Finnish Olympic Team 0
Game 1 vs. Sweden - Canada 5 - Sweden 0
Game 2 vs. Sweden - Sweden 6 - Canada 4
Game vs Czechoslovakia - Canada 5 - CSSR 4

Re-enactment was scarily accurate

Press Release
1972 Summit and Decisive-Action Sports, creators of CLASSIC HOCKEY, have teamed up to re-enact the 1972 Summit Series in September 2002!

Thirty years later the mighty 1972 Soviet Union national team will once again face-off against Canada's best from the 1972 National Hockey League. Will Valeri Kharlamov and Alexander Yakushev out-flash and out-dash Team Canada again? Will Vladislav Tretiak re-erect the Iron Curtain in front of his net? Can Phil Esposito and Paul Henderson create timely magic a second time? Or maybe there will be new heroes. Or maybe there will be a new winner.

Decisive-Action Sports is a company dedicated to producing quality tabletop sports replay games and to promoting sports history. Their games enable fans to recreate classic match-ups or to create dream matches between all-time greats.

CLASSIC HOCKEY is a quick-play game that uses actual team statistics to rate every major professional team from 1917 to the present, as well as international teams. No individual players are used, so the game play is not bogged down with complicated details, however a box score supplement now provides intimate game details including goal scorers and assisters. Teams are rated on offensive and defensive strength, home ice advantage, and comeback ability. The game has proven to be a truly accurate tool for recreating history, and for predicting the future.

Re-enactment Details
Each Summit Series game will be replayed on the actual anniversary date. That means game results will be posted on 1972 Summit and 1972 Summit Discussion Group on Sept. 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 28th, respectively

Each game will feature a complete box score as well as newspaper-style report.

This re-enactment is the first of its kind, and is a 1972 Summit exclusive. Watch for Canada Cup and World Cup of Hockey re-enactments in the future.