Russian Names

Well I'll have to file this under the "no one will look at this" section, but I thought it was interesting. Have you ever wondered what some of those "strange" Russian names meant? Here's a few I found. 

Vyacheslav - means Winceslas and means "more glory" (More Glory Fetisov - fits nicely)

Vladislav - to rule with glory (Tretiak sure ruled with glory)

Yuri - Russian form of George

Evgeny - Russian form of Eugene (Mean Evgeny? Doesn't quite sound right!)

Vladimir - to rule with greatness 

Gennady - Russian form of Latin word Gennadius, which originates from a Greek word for "noble"

Anatoli - Russian form of Latin word Anatolius, the greek word for sunrise

Vsevolod - to rule all (Bobrov did rule all when he played, and when he coached)

Pavel - Russian form of Paul (Paul Bure?)

Andrei - Russian form of Andrew (I always thought it meant Andre)

Boris - short form of Borislav, which means "fame in battle" (Mikhailov certainly was famous in battle)

Igor - Russian form of Gary