Joe Sgro

Joe Sgro was a former minor league goaltender who served as a trainer with Team Canada 1972. He is best remembered for the "one fingered salute" which Alan Eagleson usually gets blamed for. Eagleson did a lot of bad things in his hockey career, but this was not one of them.

In game 8 in Moscow, a fracas in the stands as Alan Eagleson attempted to get to ice level. Eagleson was livid at the Russian goal judge when he did not turn on the goal light when Canada had scored a very important goal. Fearing the Russians were going to attempt to cheat by saying no goal because the light did not go on, Eagleson attempted to force his way through Russian militia men to get to ice level. A battle ensued which saw the Canadian players fly in and unthinkably rescue Eagleson from all of these policemen.

The team pulled Eagleson on to the ice and brought him across the ice to their bench. As they walk across the ice Eagleson shook his fist at the crowd, but never used his middle finger.

Just behind Eagleson was a large man wearing all red - shirt, pants,  and jacket - he was very obviously and unfortunately using the finger towards the crowd. That was Joe Sgro.

We're not trying to single out this one unfortunate incident to remember Joe Sgro. But for most of us that was our only glance at the big man in red.