Trudeau Wasn't The Only One Riding on Team Canada's Coattails

Pierre Trudeau may have used the 1972 Summit Series in an attempt to get re-elected in the federal election of 1972, but he wasn't the only one.

Trudeau made himself publicly associated with Team Canada. One of his first acts on the official campaign trail was, with millions watching at home, to drop the ceremonial first puck at game 1 of the historic series. Just hours earlier Trudeau announced the federal election.

Prior to that Trudeau used his power of prime minister to weigh in on the Bobby Hull debate. The NHL would not allow Hull to play for Team Canada because he left the National Hockey League. It was a very unpopular decision in Canada. Trudeau joined the cry for Hull's inclusion.

But we can not blame Mr. Trudeau for associating himself so shamelessly with Team Canada. It was an easy way to make a quick and happy appearance before the voting faithful. If we were running for Prime Minister in 1972 we would have too!

In fact that is exactly what Trudeau's arch rival did. Bob Stanfield, head of the Conservative Party, posed for a photo opportunity in a Team Canada sweater