Tallon Was One Of Two Canucks In Summit

Dale Tallon was one of two Vancouver Canucks on Team Canada - Jocelyn Guevremont was the other. There was an agreement that all three Canadian teams were to be represented with at least 2 players on Team Canada 1972. Without that agreement it is likely that neither of Vancouver's two promising defensemen would have played in the Summit Series.
In fact, neither did. Both practiced with the team and were members of the "Black Aces" - the spare players who knew they weren't going to play but had to prepare just in case an injury came up.
That scenario nearly presented itself in the historic game eight. Both Bill White and Pat Stapleton were nursing sore ankles, and were questionable prior to game time. Tallon dressed for the warm ups but ultimately it was decided that two outstanding defenseman would participate in the game.
Tallon got out of his gear and had quite a story to tell of how he watched that drama unfold. He constantly shifted his position in the rink to view the action, in an attempt to find that one superstitious spot.
"I tried every spot I could to try and change our luck," he said. "I watched from where the Zamboni came out, and from behind the bench.

"For the last period, I sat in Bobby Clarke's seat [in the dressing room] because he had hung a rabbit's foot there. I couldn't see the game, I'd just listen for sounds to see how it was going.

"In the last minute, I couldn't stand it, so I rushed out to the rink [in time for Paul Henderson's winning goal]. Of course, trying to get on the ice was like fighting a war because there were so many of those Red Army guys around."

Tallon, who did play in one of the two exhibition games in Sweden and in the exhibition game in Russia, was never upset about not playing in the series. He relished the opportunity to practice with the best in the world, and in fact it helped him reach a major decision in his hockey career. One of the major reasons he was never able to become a star at the NHL level was because his NHL bosses could never decided if he should be playing left wing or defense - two positions he played well at.

"After Team Canada it was pretty well set in my mind that I could play defense and play it well."


1972 Summit Series.com Player Profile
 Team Canada
 #32 - Dale Tallon - Defense

Position: D
Shoots: Left
Height: 6-1
Weight: 195
Born: 10/19/1950 Noranda Quebec
1972 NHL Team:
Vancouver Canucks

Summit Series Statistics

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Other Team Canada Appearances - None

NHL Career Notes - After three seasons in Vancouver, the talented Tallon moved to Chicago before finishing his career in Pittsburgh. Constantly shuffling from defense to left wing hindered his development, and as a result never realized his full potential.

Career NHL Statistics
Regular Season 642 98 238 336 568
NHL Playoffs  33 2 10 12 45


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