Teaching Children About the 
1972 Summit Series

Teaching Canadian history to our children is an important thing to do. But most resources aren't specifically geared towards younger children. Here are the best resources available for kids.

coverRick Archbold's Canada: Our History. The London Free Press raves about this book, which covers several key chapters in Canadian history including the 1972 Summit Series. Laura Bobak writes "He invents young narrators to tell the stories to add interest for his young readers and to avoid sounding like a textbook. Most memorable for sports fans will be the chapter entitled Canada Wins!, about the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and Russia, which is actually written in the second person -- you. It's so personalized you feel you've seen the game yourself, even if you haven't."

coverMike Leonetti's The Greatest Goal is a great book for even younger children. Illustrated beautifully by Sean Thompson, the book does a good job of building the excitement so that a young hockey fan can appreciate that this was something special. The story is told through the eyes of a young boy.

Summit on Ice (DVD) Children can absorb so much information by being exposed to this 95 minute DVD documentary. It is a MUST for any hockey fan's collection. It is by far the best documentary available for sale. It is not as well known as "Canada's Team of the Century" which features all 8 games in their entirety but is every bit as essential.