A Thank You From
1972 Summit Series.com

When I first started this site, I had no idea how big it would become. The task of keeping this site up to date has been draining, but well worth it.

This site would not be as successful without the help of a lot of people. I would like to take the time to acknowledge them once again, and in no particular order.

Patrick Houda - I call him the "Paul Henderson of hockey experts." He is my single greatest resource for hockey research. He is also the co-author of one of the hottest hockey books to hit the market in October 2002.

Arthur Chidlovski, Leonid Makarovsky, and Andrei Petrov - These three have helped me understand the Russian viewpoint so much better than I have ever known before. They have enlightened me as to not only the hockey side of things, but the feelings and emotions that the Soviet fans were going through. Dmitry Popov, George Samoilov, and Nikita Nikiforov also deserve mention here

Bruce Kish - Bruce's contributions are ultra-noteworthy. The creator of Decisive-Action Sports has been re-enacting all the games for us, thanks to his quick-play board game Classic Hockey. He also contributed a lengthy essay on the 1972 Summit Series which initially was aired on In The Crease.com. This site's exclusive feature has been a hit and I owe it all to Bruce's writing ability and his wonderful game.

Craig Wallace - Craig helped out with the 1974 Summit Series piece, but his biggest contributions occur on the Summit Series mailing list. Craig is always providing thought provoking view points and interesting discussions. 

Krystal Yee and Stefano Quaino - Through these two I was able to rediscover the Summit Series. Although I too was born after 1972, it was a great experience to read Krystal's excellent report about what the Summit Series means to her and to generations of Canadians born after the event. Same goes with Stefano - an amazing fan from Italy who not long ago had never even heard of the Summit Series, and now he is one of Europe's most knowledgeable experts on the series.

Jean Patrice Martel - Jean Patrice is one of the most thorough hockey researchers I've ever met. He provided several multimedia clips, including all the French ones. He is a true key to the success of the website and the mailing list.

Dan Pavic - Dan provided many of the collectible images on the site - magazines, books, videos, programs, oddball items. He has an unmatchable zest for collecting these items. Keith Lenn also deserves credit for helping me with the 1972 Collectibles section.

Francis Bouchard and Bruce Lee - These two are continually emailing me with fantastic scoops which can be turned into material for the site. I am completely grateful.

Stu McMurray and Joseph Nieforth - Two of hockey research's true heavyweights have continually provided me with past articles that have enriched my knowledge and hopefully the website. I can't even keep up with them some times! All I can say is thank you, and keep the content coming!

Liam Maguire - hockey's leading trivia expert and a top hockey reporter in Canada was kind enough to allow me to link up to his many pieces of multimedia. He has also proven to be a wonderful resource of information.

Jon Dolezar (CNNSI.com), Hilding Gnanapragasam (TSN/ESPN Classic Canada), and Igor Kuperman (NHL Phoenix Coyotes) - These three have instrumental in promoting the site via word of mouth and their associations. When these professionals send the amateur wonderful comments like they have, it is a great feeling. Thank you for that.

I am probably forgetting several people who deserve to be mentioned. I've gotten more emails than I could ever keep track of. All of them contain wonderful words of praise for the site. So I'd just like to thank everyone for the encouragement.

Lastly, I want to thank the players and organizers of the 1972 Summit Series. Thank you for one of hockey's timeless memories. Hockey fans around the globe are still entranced by the event, and forever grateful.