YouTube has taken the Internet by storm. Here's a few clips of Soviet vs. Canada/NHL action I've found so far.

1972 Summit Series
1972: Kanada's Humiliation

A pretty poor attempt at humour by a Soviet revisionist who claims the Soviets won all 8 games in 1972, but a nice highlight package of Soviet goals and highlights, and it's always good to hear that daunting Soviet anthem.... (more)

Soviet Hockey General
USSR's hockey teams over the years

Just a tiny introduction to the team who dominated world championships for over 3 decades....(more) 

Rendez Vous 87
Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR 2

2nd goal of the game scored by the Oilers Glenn Anderson...(more)

Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR

Perhaps my favorite Soviet player of the 1980s, Vyacheslav Bykov ties the game, beating Grant Fuhr...(more

Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR 5

NHL regains the lead as Dale Hawerchuk and Dave Poulin set up the Whalers Kevin Dineen...(more

Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR

Soviets score on Grant Fuhr, this one by Alexei Kasatonov....(more)

Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR

Soviets come right back as Anatoli Semenov puts in it and crashes into the net...(more)

Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR

These clips are from the 2 game series between the NHL all stars and the Soviet National Team in the Quebec Coliseum...(more)

Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR 7

Super Mario shoots one that gets deflected by Dave Poulin which beats Belosheikin for the game winning goal...(more

Canada Cup/World Cup of Hockey
Canada Cup 1987 Final Game Goals - Canada vs. USSR

Very close game and series. Canada had home ice advantage and got breaks from the referee, and so this allowed them the narrow victory....(more

Canada Cup 1981 Final Game Goals - Canada vs. USSR

Game played in Montreal on September 13, 1981. Canada was undefeated in the tournament and was expected to win....(more)

1974 Summit Series (WHA)
1974 Summit Series, game 6

An interesting shift in the 2nd period of game 6 with a little altercation involving Bruce MacGregor and Valery Vasiliev...(more). 

1979 Challenge Cup
1979 Challenge Cup Final Game Goals - NHL vs USSR

Game played on February 11, 1979 in New York. Each team won one of the two previous games. Team NHL was made up of the best Canadian players and three Swedes...(more)

World Junior Championships
Canada vs U.S.S.R 1987 World Junior Hockey bench clearing brawl
The "Punch-up in Piestany" erupted halfway through the final game of the 1987 world junior hockey championship.  The blow-up began as a fight between Pavel Kostichkin and Theoren Fleury. Four Soviet players left their bench to join the brawl, and then all the players on both teams swarmed onto the ice.

Excerpt from ... (more)